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Hiking ideas/Guide book

What better way to discover a region than on foot along its pathways?

A tranquil pace that allows you to be in touch with nature, a footpath unfolding in front of you, a spectacular view that makes you feel on top of the world…

The great outdoors awaits you…



Cirque d'Archiane, Vallon de Combeau, Sucettes de Borne, Vallon de la Jarjatte...

A beautiful and wild nature, sculpted by time ... From valleys to cliffs, from gentle slopes to steep different in level, the Diois' landscapes vary, hit the mind and attract ...The  Diois as it is offered to us today has been shaped slowly over time. And finally, we are quite happy with the result!

Geology discovery


7 Explanatory walks and geological exploration trails
(2 levels of difficulty)

In the footsteps of the abbot Froment, to the discovery of Diois' landscapes. Rigorous and passionate collector, he collected more than 4,500 fossils throughout his life.

The High-Plateaus Natural Reserve of Vercors

The Pays Diois is one access to the High-Plateaus Natural Reserve of Vercors.

Unique in its size of 17000 hectares, the High-Plateaus Natural Reserve covers 10% of the territory of the Regional Natural Park of Vercors. Today it is the largest land reserve in mainland France.

Open to all, this area of freedom needs to be protected, respected and be under the kindness  of every visitor ... The land settlement deliberately poor and a limited marking require some commitment on the field: the use of compasses and maps is essential.

Natural conditions (karstic relief, abrupt climatic change, drying up of springs ...) can quickly become dangerous.

Do not hesitate to contact mountain walking guides, who will offer you a discovery in all safety.

Path closed

- DIE - Forêt de Justin : Les 40 lacets and le GR 95
between le Pont Rompu and le Ravin du Merle.